About Us

Farriwala.com is an e-commerce site which will be capable of providing every kind of goods and products from every sector to every consumer located in Bangladesh.

It is a platform where people can purchase all kinds of goods from a single website. From a pencil to a book to a dress to a cell phone to cars to lands; everything is available in this website. It is built by a team of developers who have the sharpest minds in this sector and they are dedicated to only Droplet Limited.

Our website is going to be so convenient and user-friendly for our customers that, they would rather order from our website than to go to the shop which is 100 meters away from his/her home. That is the kind of target farriwala.com has set for itself. And once we achieve our targets in Bangladesh.

The idea of FARRIWALA.COM was born in 2019. At that time, there was so much of inconvenience in E-COMMERCE platform. Although all serious buyers and Merchants were getting connected online through platform, the essential factors like trust, transparency, reliability, connection/communication, instant help, 100% original product receive awareness, payment security or return easy process were rare. Convenience and peace of mind placing order online with total satisfaction was still a distant reality. Thus, FARRIWALA.COM will create more opportunity and facilities for both Merchants & clients for the best possible satisfactory dealing domestically & globally. Our main satisfaction is to create unique platform where restriction word will not have any place for selling or buying or any kind of service.

Our mission is to create such a dynamic place where anyone can be Merchant and anyone can purchase from anywhere & by creating stunning bridge almost all district’s of Bangladesh & making shorter duration in total transaction & focus on trade solutions on convenience, greater opportunity with real peace of mind.

Our vision is to run this platform not only domestically but to break these boundaries to create a huge place globally. As we are not able to place desirable order for an item which platform do not exist domestically, but we are going to overcome this barrier for our valuable people, by showing our commitments best service to impress them to allow us to bring those opportunities in Bangladesh.

One passionate heart full with dream suddenly pushed to reveal by sharing the dream with other 3 persons with similar passionate heart. (Delwar Hossain (CEO), Abu Shahdat Rob (Managing Director). To overcome these barrier we were got some spectacular persons heart full of passion who also walking with us by holding our hand as we are all belongs from a family. Moinul Haque (Admin), Ofijul Alam (HR) are one of those. Sacrificing their daily activities, sacrificing laying down for rest they are motivating us and we realized this is more than a team as all persons dreams are same and stronger to lead us as were thinking.

So thinking why you will chose us as there are many other platform right?

- We are not only e-commerce platform we are beyond then that as in this place you can find anything or can sell anything with the most secure transaction. - We will not keep you waiting for the product you are ordering. - In this place our valuable clients will not face any issue which can make them un-satisfy. - We will take instant action on negative report and if need we will take support of police or related field service. - If you get wrong product then we will give you options to return us for the good one with a apology gift coupon but if you want refund do not worry you will get and will be send to you based on your request process. - We will be available everywhere to take care of you for any kind of suggestions or support before placing order or before becoming merchants to sell through this platform.